About Suddora

Suddora was started in late 2007, during a cold and snowy Michigan winter, by Paul Serra and Adam Topping. The original idea was to help musicians and businesses customize sweatbands and silicone wristbands. A few months in Adam and Paul realized that many more people and companies wanted custom items. This exciting thought was quickly forgotten due to the stresses of running the day to day operations of the new business. It’s amazing how fragile an idea can be!

Around 7 months later in late September of 2008, they packed up everything and headed 2000 miles away to Las Vegas. Soon the business was thriving and CustomOnIt.com started working with some very big companies. This success led to more “exciting” ideas…

“Hmm, what if we added more items for companies to put their logos on while still maintaining great service?”, the two founders pondered on a ridiculously hot Las Vegas summer day in front of their old small offices in Chinatown. If only they would have remembered they had that same idea five years ago. This might have made them depressed, but it did not even cross their minds! Now today CustomOnIt.com offers tons of promotional products for companies, organizations and people to put their logo on.

About Our Promotional Products

Now you know how our company started. We want to take this next space to talk about the love we put into each promotional item we produce. The promotional products industry is filled with distributors and suppliers that view your brand as just another number. At CustomOnIt.com we take branded items very seriously. The color and the quality of the logo must represent your brand flawlessly. On large projects, we always produce samples. Even with a tight turnaround time, we will show you a digital representation of your product. This is highly accurate and can be used in 99% of cases to complete your order of business promotional products.  

Most other promotional product companies also have complicated pricing with setup fees. This makes getting a clear quote quite hard. We decided on simplifying things. We have no setup fees on any product. We also offer free ground shipping to the USA on every product as well. Adding up extra fees and imprint charges is complicated. We do not want you to deal with that :)

Building Brand Awareness with Our Promotional Giveaways

We are in the business of designing physical products to represent your brand identity. Increasing brand awareness can be done both online and offline. We specialize in offline marketing.


Many new companies focus only on branding online. This is a mistake. Brand awareness should be focused on both in person at events and online. There are great entry products for new organizations looking to get their name out. If you own a company that doesn’t have a physical product, promotional marketing items are even more important. An idea could be sending branded gifts to your promising new customers or best customers. Whether the gift is a t-shirt, stickers or brand Oreo’s – it is powerful stuff. This is where the offline marketing merges with the online world. Many of our customers report that when sending promotional products as gifts, the people receiving them posted pictures of them online.

Printing Methods & Quality

The printing method used depends on which advertising specialty items you order. We have a variety of different ways to get your logo on products. Some of the most notable are digital print, embroidered and dye sublimation. 

Want custom promotional items for your company? Give us a call at 1-877-287-9287.