5 Ways to Use Bandanas

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Bandanas have a strong heritage that spans more than 4 centuries beginning with the 17 century. The square piece of cloth has seen its fair use in different circumstances. It has been used as a poster, as a communication device, as a campaign tool, as a game accessory and as a poem holder.

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Over the years, the square piece of cloth has transitioned to become a multi functional accessory useful in every field. You can never miss a single person who is not carrying a bandana in their pocket, in their backpack, their handbag or around the wrist. This shows you how it is a vital part of the society.

Here are ways to use bandanas for your personal style and general safety too.


 Bandana as first aid accessory

The world has seen its fair share of wars beginning with wars that helped nations liberate themselves from their colonial masters to civil wars that pitted two sides with their own beliefs. The American Civil war that occurred between 1861 and 1865, World War I and II are examples of wars that have ravaged the world.

During this time, many people were wounded and as a result, many were taken to hospitals and make shift camps where they were tended to. Bandages would become scarce during this period as a result of the increasing number of wounded persons and lack of continuous supply.

This is how the bandana was used as a first aid accessory even by the great American poet and renowned nurse, Walt Whitman.

Here are ways to use bandanas as a first aid accessory:

  • Tourniquet
  • Bandage
  • As a sling to support an injured arm
  • As a binding for the splints
  • As an eye patch to protect it from infection
  • As a patient cleaning accessory where it is dipped in warm water and used to wipe sweat and dirt from the patient’s body.
  • Can be filled with ice and used to relieve pain or suppress bumps on the body.


Bandana for survival in the woods

The outdoors offer a variety of ways many people can get to enjoy themselves. A few of them include hiking up the mountain and camping in the woods. During this time, people get to share different stories from adventures to horror and thrillers.

Along the trail to the camp or the mountain, one gets to experience a stunning view of rolling hills, flowing rivers, different animals and bird species as well as clean and cool air. It is common that a misstep when walking on the trail or even when collecting firewood for the camp fire will lead to an accident.

An individual will get to break a leg, twist their wrist or even hit their head on the ground. This calls for immediate first aid. Most camps and trails are located away from civilization and even today with modern technology, it can be quite difficult to airlift or drive the patient to the hospital very fast without performing first aid. Even in cases where the campers or hikers are lost, a bandana is still one of the most useful accessories.

As a survival accessory, it can be used in the following ways:

  • As a net
  • As a water filter to make it usable
  • To help mark a trail as you go making it easy for the return trip
  • Used as shelter
  • Used as a signal flag when lost. It can be used to alert passing-by hikers, campers or rescuers of one’s current position.
  • To fix broken tent poles
  • Wind and sun protection preventing sunburn and windburn.


Ways to wear a bandana - bandana styles

As said earlier, bandanas have become an everyday accessory. It is hard to miss it in the handbags, back packs, wrists and even pockets of people you meet in your everyday busy life. It is a useful accessory that can be turned into a stylish tool.

For the ladies, bandanas are very useful on days when one is feeling lazy or lacks a way to style their hair. For guys, unless you are in a gang, it can be used as a dorag or facemask especially if you love to ride bikes.

Here are ways to use bandanas as a stylish accessory:

  • Can be used as a headband or head cover (dorag)
  • Can be used as a sweat bead when wrapped around the forehead
  • Can be used as a belt
  • Can be used as a facemask to prevent dirt and dust coming into contact with the mouth and nose
  • Can be used to protect the hands
  • Can be used to protect the ears.
  • Can be used as a neckerchief, makeshift bra, keychain, pocket protector, skimpy negligee and a scarf
  • Can be used as a hair band.



blind mans buff

The bandana has been used in many games since the 18 century especially the widely renowned Blind man’s bluff. The game requires one person to be blindfolded and once this has been done, the blindfolded individual is required to identify persons through touch. The blindfold is usually a bandana of any color and any pattern.

Here are ways the bandana is used when it comes to games and sports:

  • It can be used in a line dance
  • It can be used for “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game
  • It can be designed into a kite and flown outdoors
  • It can be used for different magic tricks
  • It can be used as a flag in a capture the flag tournament
  • It can be used to mark the home base
  • It can be tied around a relay button or be used as a relay button by itself
  • For young girls playing with their dolls, they can use it as a parachute for Barbie and Ken.


creative bandana uses

In the house, the bandana is widely used as an accessory to help with many tasks. Chores are part and parcel of the household. It is a requirement for every family member to contribute their time and energy in order to accomplish the present tasks.

The tasks can range from washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming the home, cleaning the pets’ house, dusting the furniture and airing the mattresses and carpets. These tasks are not easy and they span from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Here are ways the bandana can be used at home:

  • Can be used to plug the sink
  • It can be used as a placemat or tablecloth
  • It can be used to open a stuck jar by improving the grip
  • Can be used as an apron during cleaning or cooking
  • Can act as a handkerchief and used to blow one’s nose
  • It can also be used to muffle a sneeze or cover the mouth when one is coughing
  • Can be used as a bookmark
  • If you have twins, you can use it to distinguish them when they are young
  • Can be used to handle a hot radiator cap or act as a replacement gas cap
  • Can be used to decorate the Christmas tree.

Final Thoughts

Having the read the article, you have already been inspired and have come up with new ideas of the bandana. It is quite a useful piece of square cloth that can be used for survival, at home, for first aid, as an apparel and in sports. It has endless uses and it’s quite difficult to exhaust all of them. Do you have any new ways of using the bandana? Share with us today! 

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