8 Ways to Wear a Bandana

The bandana has become a fashion statement that has enveloped everyone even surpassing denim in some cases. Today, it is worn by men and women of all ages. You will find chefs, bikers, celebrities, housewives, young boys and girls adorned in this square piece of cloth that comes in various colors and patterns.

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Great choices are available in the market and one can decide to go with the traditional square piece of cloth or opt for the tube bandana that has rocked the market today. The only question that remains for fans of bandanas is how to dress up in it and still keep up with modern fashion styles.

Ways to Wear Your Bandana


When riding a motorcycle along the highway, you get to be exposed to weather elements like the rays of the sun as well as the wind. Apart from these, you are exposed to oncoming dust and dirt left behind by other vehicles. This can result in various health complications but there is a way you can protect yourself.

Enter the bandana especially the tube design. The design is simple to wear as all you have to do is slide it over your head, past your eyes and nose and finally settling it over the nose and neck area. This is bound to cover your nostrils, your mouth and neck.

As a facemask, it will help to protect you against windburn, sunburn, dirt and dust.

 bandana worn as facemask


bandana worn as headband

Outdoor activities like fishing and participating in different games are a great way to exercise the limbs as well as experiencing nature at its best. Sweating is part of these activities and your forehead will get to glisten with droplets of water during a hot day. Furthermore, your hair can be quite a distraction courtesy of the wind which will be blowing throughout the day.

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To prevent the hair from covering your face from time to time as well as finding a way to prevent sweat from coming into contact with your eyes, you need to adorn the bandana as a headband. It is designed with a moisture wicking material to help keep you sweat free with enough stretch to fit comfortably around the forehead.

How to Wear a Bandana as a Headband

Step One:

Start by holding two sides of the bandana that are diagonally opposite of each other. Bring them together forming a triangle.

Step Two:

Fold the base of the triangle into rectangles as you head towards the tip.

Step Three:

Lift the design and place it on your forehead. Bring the two pieces at the back of your head and tie them into a knot.



bandana worn as scarf

This works almost similar to a facemask but it covers the neck region only. The design not only compliments what one is wearing but it helps to prevent cold air from coming into contact with the neck. In short, it helps to keep one warm during a chilly morning. As a scarf, one can match it with a top, a hat, a belt or a bag.

How to Tie the Bandana as a Scarf

Step One:

You need to fold the bandana into a triangle by selecting one end and placing it on the opposite end. Both ends should be diagonally opposite of each other. This will form a triangle

Step Two:

Select the ends of the triangle base and wrap the bandana around the neck. Make sure the triangle faces the front with the tip pointing downwards.

Step Three:

Proceed to tie the two ends at the back of your neck and you are done. You can opt to leave it that way or tuck in the excess fabric underneath the knot.


bandana as modern mini turban

Having a bad hair day? Why not cover it up with a modern mini turban made with your bandana. Here is how...

Step One:

For this to be good, you need a large sized bandana. This is because it makes the design to be a lot simpler. You can also make the choice of a bandana to use depending on your hair length and how you plan to wear it.

Step Two:

Begin by taking two ends which are opposite each other and bring them together. This will form a triangle. Proceed by placing the bandana at the back of your head and pull the ends forward towards the crown of your head.

Step Three:

You can wrap it a few times around the head if the fabric allows you. Once you are done, tie the knot at the top of your head. Tuck any loose fabric ends underneath the knot to complete the turban look.



retro bandana look for women

This style was common among women during the 50s and 60s. It helped to hold their hair in place as they went about their work. Here is how to style the retro look on your head...

Step One:

Begin by folding the bandana into a triangle by bringing together opposite ends

Step Two:

Beginning with the tip of the triangle, start rolling it up. This will allow you to create a long piece of fabric that will be an inch wide.

Step Three:

Proceed by placing the bandana at the base of your hairline. Pull the loops to the top of your head and tie the knot to keep it in place. You can position it towards the left or right side of the head for a great look.



bandana worn as a doorag

If you love the pirate look and then you definitely need to try this. It is a simple look to setup and you can finally have a look to match when you suddenly utter “Arrr Matey” to your friends. If you love riding bikes, this look fits well with the helmet. Not only will it hold your hair in place but it will prevent sweat and dirt from coming into contact with your hair and eyes.

To dress this look with your bandana, follow the steps below.

Step One:

Select the right bandana that will give you the pirate look. You can look for one with skull and bones designs printed on it or you can opt for the paisley pattern.

Step Two:

Select two ends which are diagonally opposite each other and bring them together. This will form a triangle.

Step Three:

Place the triangle on your head with the base on your forehead and the tip towards the back of your head.

Step Four:

Tie a knot at the back of the head. You can opt for the tip of the triangle to be above or below the knot.



Bandana worn as a hairband

If you love jogging in the morning or you need a simple hairstyle for the day, then a pony tail is definitely the look for your hair. To improve on the style, you can use a bandana as a hair band. Here are steps to help you accomplish this.

Step One:

Choose a bandana that fits your style and mood of the day. You can opt for the many colors and patterns available in the market.

Step Two:

Select two ends which are horizontally opposite of each other. Make small rectangular folds as you move towards the other end.

Step Three:

Wrap the bandana around the start of your pony tail at the back of your head. That is how you dress a bandana as a hair band.



bandana worn as sahara style

If you are planning an excursion out in the desert or are part of a camera crew shooting a movie in an arid location, then you need to adorn this style. Not only does it protect your hair from dust and dirt but the material will absorb sweat and prevent it from streaming into your eyes. Here are steps to help you dress this look.

Step One:

Start by shopping for the right bandana. It should have a pattern and color you love.

Step Two:

Fold the bandana into a triangle. Place the base of the triangle on your forehead. Pull the tip of the triangle towards the back.

Step Three:

Tie the knot at the back of the head. You can let the tip of the triangle to be above the knot. 


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